The women’s channel

There’s a new channel on Norwegian Tv. It’s «The woman’s channel, fem». Their slogan is that it’s «made for women, with access for men», and the posters are filled with pink shoes. Pink shoes? Pink shoes. Ten years ago, just talking about Girl’s and boy’s colours were a taboo, and now luring women with photos of pink shoes is considered good coutume.

It’s not the pink shoes that upsets me, though, and it’s not the existence of a channel with dating programs and yaddayadda that upsets me. I can just chose to not watch it, right? Like I do with almost every other tv-channel out there? And perhaps the generalisation that women and men like different tv-programs wouldn’t upset me so much if it didn’t try to place me in a category where I’d feel completely alienated. Cause it’s true that there’s loads of stereotypical male films that I can’t even find vaguely amusing. I don’t like watching people killing each other, and I don’t care to watch people hitting each other in the face. Long fight scenes are boring.

I skimmed the program list, it makes me feel that the world in general has expectations on how I should be, think and behave as a woman. Expectations that I can’t fulfill. I end up thinking that I, because of those silly double X chromosomes really should be interested in paranormal phenomenons and «big love». It’s like there’s an agenda where the ultimate goal is to reshape those decaying gender stereotypes and create some new ones, nice stereotypes where women, no matter how smart and independent they seem, really are little girls who just want to sit down in the sofa, eat ice cream and watch a good dating program.

I guess it’s a comfort that noone seems to be watching it, and that according to the previously mentioned article: «The tv3 airing of the Champion’s League-match Porto-Liverpool actually had more female viewers than FEM’s most viewed program so far.»

It might be. But I really don’t like it.

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