This is going to be a post about a really nice weekend, but after fruitlessly searching the internet for an English way of saying «Julebord», i realise that it migt be a scandinavian tradition, thus I need to start this entry with a little explanation:

A julebord is typically the first way of knowing that christmas is approaching. Wait. That’s a lie. After the «how to decorate your house for christmas» magazines pops up in shops in late september, and after the christmas marzipan appears in early october, the series of Julebord in november-december are the third pre-advent warning that christmas is approaching. The julebord is a party that takes place within a group of collegues, club- or organisation members, where christmas food is eaten and where people usually reach their maximum drunkenness limit.

I guess fortid‘s julebord didn’t quite fit the stereotype. Firstly, it was a bit early in the month. Secondly, noone threw up on the floor. Thirdly, and most importantly: The food wasn’t christmas food at all, but rather the most impressive range of different dishes I’ve seen in a long time. We hardly had room for our plates at the table, because of the sheer amount of different dishes. It made me wish I had two stomachs, so that I could eat it all. It was also twice as much as anyone could ever hope to be able to eat. If the party had continued for another night, chances are there would still be leftovers.

After the party started to cool down around three o’clock, I ended up joining a few others for a nachspiel. Usually, I’m not too fond of nachspiels. I use to say that even saying the word makes me fall asleep. Friday night was a brilliant exception to that rule.

Kristian had brought his guitar, and we drank whisky and sang our way through several Beatles albums, and before I managed to even think about sleep, it was six o’clock.

I said I’d wake up when I got to the party, and it certainly looks like i was right about that. Needless to say, I had a rather quiet saturday night. I had a friend over for whisky, icecream and backgammon. Life is like it should be.

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