Empty saturday

Yesterday was rather late, and my head was overloaded with school stuff, which in a way was underlined by the first beer being drunk while listening to one of my professors talking about postmodernist history. So when I reached uglebo later on, more was going on inside my head than outside. I might have zoned out quite a bit. Fortunately I woke up and danced weirdly after a few hours, and although i was very sober it was a rather late night. This morning i felt weird and groggy, but I woke up and headed down to the national library, knowing all too well that the best way of telling my mind to stop racing, is to find out all the stuff i’m wondering about. It worked.

Now that cafe amsterdam is gone, I have yet to find a new cafe that i can call mine. While Amsterdam existed, there was no need to go anywhere else, and now that it’s gone, there are dissapointingly few places that meets my qualifications. They must have inexpensive coffee, and give refills, the music mustn’t be too loud and I must be allowed to eat sandwiches out of my own lunchbox, because if I decide to go somewhere that isn’t school to work, I’ll be sitting there for hours on end. The lunchbox-issue is the biggest challenge, and to be honest I haven’t really been looking for lunchbox friendly cafes. Today I tried cafe Kristiania. They have deep leather sofas where you can curl up and read. The coffees cost 22kr, and the refills 10. They do sell food, so I doubt they are lunchboxfriendly, but i ate a slice of bread without anyone noticing anyway. Naughty me.


(This is one of the saddest songs i know)

2 responses to “Empty saturday

  1. mmmm. me liked cafe amsterdam. Good BLT. Never went there much, tho.

  2. yep, it was a good place. During the last years i don’t think they had food at all.

    Iused to go down there when i hadn’t read enough, or on saturdays, and i would sit and real curricular stuff there.

    It was nice

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