I don’t get this whole concept of happy endings.

(If you haven’t seen the films “The breakfast club” and “Ratatouille”, there are some spoilers. Picked them because they are good examples, and because they are films “everyone” has seen)

This is not me being one of those artsy, voluntarily depressed types, – rather it’s me being a bit hard to fool. I can’t go from arguing with someone, to becoming friends with them, have a cosy chat and a cup of tea ten minutes later. I don’t work like that. And if someone yell at me, I will remain a) sad and guilt ridden for days, if I felt they had a reason for yelling. Or b) Be angry and annoyed for days, if the yelling was uncalled for. My mood don’t change that quickly. My character don’t change that quickly either, and judging from experiences, that goes for other people aswell. Mean and selfish people don’t stop being mean and selfish in an hour. There aren’t any lightbulb moments where they suddenly realise the error of their ways, and suddenly become nice and fluffy. If they say “I can change”, they most probably can’t.

Take for instance the film “Ratatouille”. In theory it should be my favourite film ever. I like rats. I like cooking. Set in France, and with more than a touch of the american dream it actually should be the perfect companion for a rainy afternoon. And I watched it and was happy and all furry inside until the film reached it’s negative climax 2/3 into the film, and the little rat’s human friend took all the honor for the little rat’s work. And the little rat’s face showed the kind of disappointment that includes a whole world falling apart. They reached the ideal happy ending 30 minutes after that. Did it feel cramped? Oh yes. Did it seem reasonable that the big human friend got all nice again, after being mean and bigheaded 30 minutes earlier? No way. Saying you’re sorry don’t make you a nice person. Still hanging with the bad person doesn’t make a happy ending.

And what about “the breakfast club”. It’s slower than ratatoulle allright, – the film actually stops just before the negative climax happens, but it’s luring somewhere in the shadows. The concept is gathering people who, – partly because of personality, but also because of high-school structures don’t get along. The viewer knows that the characters are all going to become friends sometime in the course of the film, but in a wider context it’s really improbable that it’s going to last. And it happens. They bond. They become friends. And when facing the society again, they swear to always be friends. And protect eachother. After knowing eachother for a few hours. The ending is fluffy and sweet, and gives me this rancid aftertaste. Cause the negative climax is coming. Within a week. Some of them will handle the fall, and some will fall badly. Three hours on a Saturday morning can’t fight a life full of impressions. Saying sorry don’t make you a nice person. Returning to the world and all it’s mean structures doesn’t make a happy ending.

I guess the people who call me a pessimist has a point. But it happens rather often that we go out of the cinema, – me stating that it’s the most tragic tale of all time. The other people saying that the film was “almost too happy”.


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